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Terms and Conditions

  1. Placenta Nutrition - Placenta Remedy Specialists provide placenta services including placenta encapsulation, placenta creams and placenta balms. Placenta Nutrition does not sell, market or distribute placenta products to the public. 

  2. Placenta Nutrition - Placenta Remedy Specialists have been trained and certified by IPEN International Placenta Encapsulation Network, an accredited training provider to provide placenta encapsulation services to the public.  IPEN does not insure Placenta Remedy Specialists and the Client’s relationship is solely with the Specialist and not with IPEN. 

  3. The Steamed Dried Placenta process of encapsulation used by Placenta Nutrition’s Placenta Remedy Specialists is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

  4. Placenta encapsulation itself is experimental in nature and whilst the benefits of consuming the placenta post-birth are based on research studies, articles and testimonials from new mothers this research is ongoing and Placenta Nutrition does not give any warranty or representation that these benefits are guaranteed.

  5. Clients who choose to utilise these services take full responsibility of their own health and for researching and using the remedies provided in this service.

  6. The Client agrees that Placenta Nutrition or Placenta Remedy Specialists are not liable and do not take responsibility for any results or effects the Client may experience before, during or after consuming the placenta unless resulting directly from the negligence of the Specialist.

  7. Placenta Nutrition recommends placenta capsules are for the Client’s own use only. Placenta Nutrition only preares a mothers own placenta for her own consumption after birth.

  8. Client's of Placenta Nutrition pay for a private food preparation 'service' that we provide which preserves their placenta beyond immediate use. Mothers pay for our knowledge and expertise of Placenta Nutrition in this specialist subject and not for the placenta itself, as she already owns her own placenta (the product).  

  9. A mother's placenta is legally owned by the mother who birthed the placenta; it is her property and remains her property throughout processing by Placenta Nutrition.

  10. Placenta Nutrition - Placenta Remedy Specialists will not perform placenta encapsulations for Clients who have ever tested positive for HIV/AIDs, Hepatitis B and/or Hepatitis C.

  11. All methods of decontamination and disinfection of equipment used by Placenta Nutrition- Placenta Remedy Specialists are practiced to Government guidelines and regulations. 

  12. PRN members only (Placenta Nutrition) fully recongnised the need to comply with food hygiene legislation and therefore operate my food preparation services under a food safety managements system including HACCP. I have up to date certificates in food safety for manufacturing foods required by state law. 

  13. The Specialist retains ownership of any photographs taken of the Client’s placenta which may be used anonymously for educations, advertising and promotional purposes. The Client will inform the Specialist if she does not wish photos to be taken of her placenta. 

  14. Your Placenta Nutrition- Placenta Remedy  Specialist aims to prepare the placenta within 3 days after the birth.  However we will not be held accountable should circumstance arise where the placenta encapsulation cannot be completed until an agreed date and time.  Please see documents 'Information Guide for Expectant Mothers’, 'Placenta Chilling Instructions' and ‘Appropriate Placenta Care’ for guidelines for handling of your placenta.

  15. Placenta Nutrition - Placenta Remedy Specialists do not take responsibility for damaged or lost placentas before the placenta comes into our care.

  16. The Client agrees to store her placenta in a clean, labeled container inside a cooler box/bag on ice or in refrigerator within 30 minutes after birth of the placenta and agrees to ensure her placenta remains chilled until collection.

  17. The Client agrees to contact her placenta specialist within 12 hours after birth to arrange safe collection of her placenta and/or home visit.

  18. The Client consents to the removal of the placenta from the hospital (or home) by the Specialist to the extent necessary for the performance by the Specialist of the placenta services.

  19. The Client agrees to complete an online Feedback Survey sent by email 6 weeks following the encapsulation and the Client agrees to answer the questions honestly to help provide statistics and testimonials for Placenta Nutrition. 


Deposit of $50 is due upon booking. This is a non-refundable deposit. Deposit can be made by cash or EFT (electronic funds transfer). Full payment by cash or EFT (electronic funds transfer) is due 4 weeks prior to Due Date. Bank transfers can be made by contacting your Placenta Nutrition- Placenta Remedy Specialist for details.

Gaythorne, Brisbane, 4051, QLD

Tel: 0423 934 133


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